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Estate Planning

It is never too early to start planning how to provide for your family when you are incapacitated or no longer here. Our Attorneys can help guide you through the Estate Planning process and provide the Instruments necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out. We are able to draft Wills, Advanced Medical Directives, and General Power of Attorneys that are specific to our client’s needs.


When a person dies without a valid Last Will and Testament, their assets pass by intestate succession to heirs pursuant to state law, which may be contrary to the decedent's ultimate wishes. To avoid this outcome, it is important to consult with a Virginia attorney to draft a Will for you that can be specifically customized to reflect your needs and desires. 





Advanced Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives are important legal documents that allow a person who is no longer able to make decisions for themselves, due to illness or incapacity, to specify what actions should be taken regarding their health. They also give an agent of your choosing the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf, should you be unable to do so.




Specific and General Power of Attorneys

A Power of Attorney allows an individual to act on behalf of another person. They can be limited to a specific action or contain a broad range of general powers. Adding durability language to a power of attorney permits your agent to act on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated or unable to make your own decisions.